ASA came at a time when I was almost losing all hope. My husband had just left me alone with my children and my kids love school, just so you know. However, I couldn't even afford their school fees as my business was going down. That hurt me a lot. I was barely managing to put food on the table. Then one day, God answered my prayer. My friend introduced to one of the loan officers loan officers who had me join one of his groups and explained to me the ASA loan program. Within two weeks after I had applied for a loan, I got my money and had it invested in my business for the purpose of expansion. And since then, my business has been doing fine, my kids are in school and everything is alright. We are a happy family now because of ASA. Thank you ASA. 


I am going to start with a confession. When ASA came, I didn't take it seriously cause nowadays, the world is full of scammers and I took ASA for a scam. In fact, I even encouraged my friends to be cautious. However, my neighbour persuaded me to join her group and I did, of course with caution since I was still a disbeliever. When the time came to pay security for the loans that we had applied for, I was a bit hesitant to make the payment because in  my head, I was like, "this is it, I'm being swindled in broad day light." But I'm glad that some how my desire to get my family and myself out of poverty proved to be stronger than my doubts and I ended up making that payment. Because of that life's defining moment, I am a happy person now, my sowing business is doing fine and soon we shall be acquiring another sowing machine. Thank you ASA for bringing back our smiles.


We all need a helping hand in life. And if you have a burning desire to achieve something, God brings people into your life to help you set your plans in motion. To me, ASA is exactly that. I am in the business of keeping chickens and I needed money to increase the number of chickens I kept from 100 to 500 chickens but did not no know how to get it. I tried the traditional money lenders and other money lending institutions but they all wanted collateral Then one day, when I was not even expecting it, a loan officer from ASA approached me and explained to me the ASA loan model. I had this gut feeling in me that that was an avenue I had to explore and I'm glad I did. This is because, It has paid me off more than I could have ever imagined  as I now have 800 chickens and still with more room for expansion. Thank you very much, ASA. 


When I was young I dreamt of owning my own business. But as I grew, I realised that finding enough capital to start a decent business is not an easy task. Besides, I saw a lot of young people start Businesses and failing. That is enough to discourage someone from holding on to such dreams but it didn't discourage me. I still felt I had a point to prove and that is, a young lady can be a successful entrepreneur. One day as I was walking to town, I saw an ASA poster in Northmead and decided to approach and find out more about it. The information I got, kept me up all night and had to contact them following morning to join a group and apply for a loan. To cut the story short, my business of selling second hand clothes is doing tremendously well and the future has never looked this bright. Thank you ASA.